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Weekly Quotes | Down production orders continue to be delayed due to the epidemic

2022-04-03     来源:羽绒金网     浏览量:381


Affected by the rebound in the price of raw material wool for white duck, the quotation of suppliers has risen slightly, but the current transaction volume is still limited. Under the epidemic, the textile industry was forced to stop work, production and operation frequently, and the order fair had to be postponed.

The impact of the shutdown in Shenzhen has not receded, and Shanghai, the world's largest container port, has sounded the alarm again. The superimposed effect may have a serious impact on the global shipping industry. Now that domestic demand has not recovered, and external demand has been hit by this, the textile industry is struggling.

Fortunately, with the effective management and control, Hangzhou Sijiqing Xinhangpai Leisure Clothing City took the lead in ushering in the "unblocking", and finally made the clothing and apparel market that has been quiet for more than half a month "move".


Monday:Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3732


Tuesday:Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3640


Wednesday: Price rise of gray duck down

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3566


Thursday: Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3482


Friday: Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3509

good news


Down production and epidemic prevention export are not delayed

On March 28, 3 container trucks loaded with a total of 1,884 duvets drove out of the factory of Anhui Haoyue Home Textiles Co., Ltd. in the modern service industry park and headed to Shanghai Port for export.

"Under the current severe epidemic situation, our containers can be packed from Shanghai, and the goods can be shipped in time to prevent the company from breaching the contract and paying liquidated damages, thanks to the support of the park leaders and the help of the epidemic prevention and control staff." The product is on schedule Delivery, the head of the company said gratefully.

Take Anhui Haoyue Home Textile Co., Ltd. as an example, an export-oriented enterprise of down garden, its products are mostly sold to European and American countries, and the goods are imported and exported from Shanghai Port. However, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the recent epidemic prevention and control work, the personnel and goods entering and leaving Shanghai are strictly controlled.

In response to the needs of down enterprises to carry out import and export business, the epidemic prevention and control staff of the park management committee actively explored the path. While strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control requirements, they helped enterprises to report in advance, kill in advance, and adopt closed-loop management of drivers. and other measures to smoothly import and export related goods, which has been well received by enterprises.


Safe and orderly resumption of business, "China Clothing First Street" restarts

As the epidemic dissipated, the popularity of the market and the busyness of the stalls were gradually recovering on the "First Street of Chinese Clothing" where the pause button was briefly pressed. Sijiqing is one of the largest clothing distribution centers in China, and every move here affects the nerves of the national clothing industry.

"People have gone through multiple rounds of nucleic acid and environmental products to be completely sterilized. Every day, the public areas in the market continue to be sterilized more than twice, and we are also responsible for cleaning and disinfection inside the stalls. It is now very safe here." Interview Among them, the operators of many stalls have said so.

On the day when the market restarts, it means that after the professional assessment of the regulatory authorities, the block has completely eliminated environmental risks.

In the past few days, the weather in Hangzhou has gradually warmed up. With the orderly restoration of normalized prevention and control of the "First Street of China's Clothing", the popularity of each market is slowly picking up. Walking on Hanghai Road, the fashionable young lady, the little brother pushing the big package, and the wholesalers carrying the black bags have all returned one after another.


Nepal issues Everest climbing permit, the country's down jacket sales season is here

The Nepal Tourism Board said on the 28th that it has issued the first permit for "climbing the world's highest peak Mount Everest from the Nepal side in the spring mountaineering season". The team has 9 members from the United States, Australia and Canada.

The Nepal Tourism Board expects more than 300 climbers to get permits to climb Mount Everest this spring. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nepal Tourism Board issued a record 408 permits to climb Mount Everest during the spring climbing season last year.

Spring from April to May each year is the main season for climbing the highest peaks in the Himalayas, especially climbing Mount Everest from the southern slopes. On the streets of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, shops selling down jackets and other professional equipment will reopen one after another. After a trip, each climber spends about 60,000 US dollars in the local area, or about 390,000 yuan.

In 2021, my country will export 97,000 pieces of various down jackets to Nepal, mainly short tops, with an export value of 14.537 million yuan.


2022 Spring New York Home Textiles Market Week was successfully held offline

After more than two years of the epidemic, the New York Home Textiles Market Week in Spring 2022 is gradually returning to what it should have been before the epidemic. Many suppliers opened their Manhattan, New York showrooms during this market week.

After the reconstruction of the 295 Fifth Avenue Textile Building, the main home textile exhibition halls are relatively concentrated in the three commercial buildings of 230, 261 and 267 Fifth Avenue. In the area from 20th Street to 30th Street on Fifth Avenue, there are also some sporadic home textile exhibition halls.

In the past two years, the home textile industry in the United States has for the first time got rid of Zoom meetings, and buyers can finally see, touch, and experience new products in person, realizing face-to-face communication.

It is reported that New York Home Textiles Week is held every six months, facing the mid-to-high-end home textile market. With its authority, professionalism and selectivity, it leads the fashion and development trends of the American home textile market.

Through the platform of New York Home Textiles Week, textile and home textile enterprises can establish a sales network in the United States and obtain stable customer relationships and orders, which is an important channel to enter the American market.

bad news


A large backlog of down jackets, clothing store owners spare no effort to seize the position of live broadcast traffic

In order to seize the new traffic position of live broadcast, some clothing merchants have spared no expense.

"Some live broadcast studios sell down jackets for 20 to 30 yuan, not because the cost is low, but the cost is still a few hundred yuan. The reason why they are sold so cheaply is the return of funds and drainage." Women's clothing businessman Zhong Xueliang said that if drainage is needed , there must be a visual impact.

Taking a 90-pile long down jacket with real fur collar as an example, the cost from August to September in 2021 is about 250-260 yuan, and the cost in October of that year will be close to 400 yuan.

The reasons for the increase in cost are: 1. The price of raw materials has increased; 2. The merchants have good expectations for the sales volume of down jackets in winter, and then stock up; 3. The new crown epidemic has affected the production capacity of the production side. Surprisingly, the weather in the early winter of 2021 was not cold, resulting in a large backlog of goods.

In order to prevent the capital chain from breaking, some merchants must also clear the goods. The normal liquidation price is 170~180 yuan, with a discount of 30 to 40 yuan on the basis of the cost price, and some live broadcast rooms even sell for 20~30 yuan.

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