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Weekly Quotes | Near the end of the year, market orders are gradually decreasing, and the down supply chain market is difficult to improve

2022-01-04     来源:羽绒金网     浏览量:519


Recently, the cold snap has hit, and the sales of down jackets have risen accordingly, but the sales of down jackets of small and medium-sized brands have declined year-on-year. At present, near the end of the year, orders in the production market are gradually decreasing, and there are not many merchants in the wholesale market. Therefore, the down supply chain market is difficult to improve, and there are few transactions.

However, this cold snap came suddenly and left very quickly. At present, temperatures across the country are continuing to warm up. Although the National Climate Center of the China Meteorological Administration stated that there is still a relatively high possibility of phased extreme and strong cooling events during the Spring Festival transport period, the weather in the future will be mainly high.

In November, the export volume of down and feathers in my country also increased, which depends on Vietnam's large-scale imports. However, in December, due to labor shortages and high freight rates in Vietnam, apparel companies were forced to push back export orders. This undoubtedly has an adverse effect on the market.


Monday:Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3686


Tuesday:Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3728


Wednesday: Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3735


Thursday: Prices of all categories are flat

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3674


Friday: The price of white duck down and white goose down fell, gray duck down and gray goose down remained the same

Exchange rate of USD to RMB: 6.3757

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