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cn-down's new year open letter in 2021

2021-01-03     来源:羽绒金网     浏览量:4252

In the new year, cn-down hopes to share with you the ideas along the way. Some are anxious, some are inspiring, but all motivate us to take action. We hope everyone can get the same encouragement and put it into action. Only in this way can the down industry become better.

How do you evaluate the down industry in 2020? Is it the same as you thought before? Our answer is probably no. Whether it is a profitable raw material market, or the impact of the world epidemic on the trading industry. Many unexpected things have happened in 2020. Looking back today, the development of the world's down is quite different from what we expected last year.

Unexpectedness is also good. It can alert us that things may not be what we want, and it can also motivate us to take action without delay. The proliferation of fake down urges us to change the status quo, and the upcoming new industry standards show that the changes we expect are already taking place.

In 2013, the bird flu epidemic broke out, causing the price of down to rise to the highest level in history. This unexpected market situation in our industry has prompted us to establish a long-term goal of providing real-time prices for the down industry. We believe that in a mature market, everyone will benefit from the integrated raw material prices, and no one will suffer because of the opaque market prices. But what we see is that opacity still exists because of a lot of fraud in the market.

This discovery is an important step in our facilitating industry platform. In addition to sadness and anger, I am determined to take action for this. Of course, there are unexpected surprises. When we first learned about "glue down", we thought that only through the study of chemical composition can we eliminate fakes. Thanks to the concept of dust removal implemented by HONGJI Down, Mr. Ling Weiliang, the use of dust removal technology can also eliminate "glue down" and greatly improve the quality of down.

There is little data

There are so few data on down that I did not expect. We simply divide some issues into "price speculation issues" and other quality issues, usually without in-depth research on feathers.This will hinder the overall progress of the down industry. If you don't understand the global down products, no real progress can be achieved. What's more, technology makes data collection so simple, we have no reason to be lazy.

What is the current status of the global down products market?

I don’t know the data, nor do other people, because these data have not been effectively sorted out yet. Data can lead to better decisions and policies, help us customize goals, evaluate development, and make testing and accountability possible.

If we can only rely on these flawed data, it is easy to underestimate the value of the down, and it is difficult to measure whether the down's market has improved.

In 2020, we began to invest funds to fill some of these data gaps. Together with many other colleagues, we are accelerating the down's data revolution.The work of data collection and analysis sounds boring, but it is actually true. But if you can make good use of data and help thousands of colleagues, it will produce a good phenomenon.

With the help of the Internet, traditional communication methods have been effectively supplemented

Suppose you are doing a transaction. In the past, you had to study the origin of raw materials and learn related knowledge in the factory, but now you can read texts online, watch the fascinating product manufacturing process, strengthen conceptual understanding through transactions, and then do a few transactions online demand. Finally, recommend good manufacturers and brands for your needs.

These methods are complementary to, not a substitute for, factories and consumer goods transactions. Factories can learn about market changes through information-rich content, what other varieties of raw materials are good and bad, and what else needs to be improved on the machine. When it comes to business, the buyers and sellers have fully understood the market and quality of the raw materials, and set the standards of the products targeted, so that the time facilitated by the transaction process has the greatest effect.

No one will cherish the memory of the difficult trading methods in the past

Digital trading tools can improve the economy, convenience and effectiveness of down and down, thereby helping down companies to overcome the challenges to the Feather vendors in the producing areas.

In the hands of slaughterhouses or farmers, the role of mobile phones can be maximized. Mobile phones can make our life more convenient. For farmers, mobile phones are not only to make life more convenient, but also to start business. Interconnection solves the solution to the marginalization of transactions.

If you are a farmer who slaughters ducks and geese every day, the Internet can give you the opportunity to participate in the formal economy and achieve transaction independence; if you are busy slaughtering, managing the grounds, and raising ducks and geese, you can contact customers once you are at home. Join the down transaction, then income may be greatly increased.

In other words, farmers can not only obtain services and opportunities through mobile phones, but also break the solidified structure of unequal transactions. The key is to break inequality, ensure that farmers have the opportunity to gain the initiative in transactions, and seize opportunities for self-reliance.

On this occasion of leaving the old and welcoming the new, I would like to share the message of Mr. Chen Wenjian, President of Wuchuan Down Industry Association, to the open letter of Jinwang in 2021:

First, judging from the current situation, this year is not a warm winter, and the sales of down products will not be bad. For a long time, the down industry has not been able to get rid of the influence of the weather. Cold winter is conducive to the sales of down products, and the sales of down terminal products play a key role in driving the entire industry.

Second, from the perspective of supply, all directions indicate that the output of down will decrease. For example, factors such as the food crisis and the price cuts of pork will eventually lead to a decline in the amount of duck farming, and a reduction in raw material production is a trend.

Third, in terms of the cycle of the down market, it should be an upward cycle. Prices began to fall in 2018 and have been in an upward phase for two full years now. Although there may be fluctuations in the middle, the overall trend will be upward. We are optimistic about China's future economy and it will definitely be better than 2020.

The year 2020, which has ended, is a year full of variables and turbulence for the whole world: new crown pneumonia is raging, natural disasters are frequent, macroeconomic downturns, unemployment rate soars, financial order is imbalanced, the world structure is facing restructuring... However, what remains the same is our passion for the down industry.

May you have a safe and healthy 2021.

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