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Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing and Research Institute

2014-05-17     来源:中国羽绒金网     浏览量:10594

Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing and Research Institute was founded in 1964, named Guangzhou City Cotton Fiber Inspection Institute, attached to the Guangzhou Industrial Products Inspection Institute. Established in 1984, Guangzhou Textile Fiber Inspection Institute was established. It is a third-party professional textile and textile clothing testing agency. In 1985, the Guangdong Provincial Textile Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center was established.

In November 1999, our company passed the accreditation of China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNCAL) and national-level measurement certification and examination, and passed the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). The results obtained from the United States, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Authorized by 35 accredited organizations in 35 countries and regions such as France and Hong Kong.

In October 2002, with the approval of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the “National Textile and Apparel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou)” was formally established in our unit. In December 2002, it passed the expansion of the National Laboratory and the “Three in One” review.

On October 9, 2005, the National Textile and Apparel Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou) Shanghai Workstation was established in Shanghai, extending the service window from the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta, and introducing a harmonious and harmonious service concept to the world's highly concerned Yangtze River Delta. To provide an accurate and fast service experience and establish a fair and friendly service image.

In May 2006, based on the Guangzhou Textile Fiber Inspection Institute, the China Commercial Federation Garment Bags and Footwear Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Guangzhou) was established.

In September 2006, it was renamed as Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing Institute.

On June 8, 2010, China Industrial Textile Industry Testing Center (Guangdong) was officially established in our hospital, which marked the first comprehensive collection of standard services, technological innovation, personnel training, information services and quality testing. The quality inspection center for the textile industry was officially established.

In April 2013, the National Textile and Apparel Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou) changed its name and was approved by the AQSIQ. In accordance with relevant regulations, it completed the relevant change procedures with the National Certification and Accreditation Administration and officially changed its name to “National Textile and Apparel Products”. Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou).

In April 2014, it was renamed as Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing and Research Institute.

This unit is the earliest fiber inspection institution approved by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). It has passed the national qualification certification, strong technical force, advanced and complete testing equipment, and is produced in the United States, Britain, Germany, Switzerland. , Japan, and other countries' electronic tension machine, pilling machine, light fastness tester, Martindale wear resistance meter, hydrostatic pressure gauge, bursting instrument, HVI large capacity cotton tester, UST yarn strength (striped , yarn defect), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), gas chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, gas chromatography mass spectrometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, LC/MS, UV spectrophotometry Instruments and other imported equipment. The existing recognized testing capabilities cover the entire textile industry chain, including fiber and fiber products, textiles and clothing, leather and fur products, footwear, geotextiles, toys and children's products, down, jewelry and clothing accessories, dyes and additives. , plastic products, paper products, medical supplies, water quality analysis and other 13 areas, 459 products, covering GB, ISO, ASTM, AATCC, BS, JIS, EN, DIN, WSP and other domestic and international standards 1503, of which foreign standards The number reached 553, more than 36% of all standard numbers.

As a national first-class testing laboratory, the quality assurance system of this unit is perfect, and the test results are scientific, fair and accurate. The test report issued by the company not only becomes the court, the quality and technology management department, the industrial and commercial administrative department, the insurance company, etc. The technical support for administrative penalties or insurance claims has also become the technical basis for enterprises to conduct trade and internal quality control of fiber, textiles, clothing and apparel, and provide consulting services such as standards, regulations, industry information and production technology to customers.

In addition, the Guangdong Textile Measurement and Verification Station has been set up in our company to provide measurement and verification services for textile instruments for all sectors of society.

support hotline:

Tel: 020-61994598, 020-61994599

Email: zixun@gtt.net.cn

 Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing Institute: http://www.gtt.net.cn/portal/Index.do

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