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Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Feather Cashmere Testing Laboratory

2014-05-17     来源:中国羽绒金网     浏览量:22063

The Feather Cashmere Testing Laboratory of Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) was established in 1991 as part of a farm animal and animal laboratory in Zhejiang Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau. With the rapid development of Xiaoshan down industry, the laboratory moved to Xiaoshan Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau on December 18, 1997. After the official establishment of Xiaoshan Bureau on February 18, 1998, it was named as “Zhejiang Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau Animal Products Inspection Institute”. After “Three Inspections One”, it was renamed as “Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection” on December 20, 1999. The Quarantine Bureau Feather Cashmere Testing Laboratory is a subordinate institution of the Xiaoshan Bureau. Since 1996, the laboratory has passed the assessment of the International Down Feather Bureau (IDFB), the highest management body of the international down feather industry, and has become an IDFB accredited laboratory. In 1997, he became a member of the IDFB Technical Committee. Subsequently, the laboratory passed the International Down Feather Bureau (IDFB) accredited laboratory for years. In June 2003, it was first approved by the China National Laboratory Accreditation Council (CNAL) and the National Accreditation Administration (CNCA). Subsequently, it passed the supervision and auditing in successive years. In October 2008, it passed the inspection of the General Administration and became the first national-level national feather fleece testing laboratory.

At present, there are 23 staff members, including 5 business establishment staff and 18 employed personnel. The laboratory currently has testing equipment such as IDFB fluffiness meter, NTU turbidity meter, USA/EN anti-drilling performance tester. There are 65 sets of special testing equipments, worth 1.64 million yuan.

Can fully meet the needs of daily inspection and scientific research. At present, the laboratory's business has been expanded from the simple quality inspection of down and products to: 1) quality inspection of down and products; 2) sampling, packaging and container supervision of large-scale customers commissioned by the country; 3) domestic Foreign related companies provide technical consulting and testing personnel training services in testing, laboratory construction, etc.; 4) Entrusted by relevant departments of the US PA (Pennsylvania), CT (Connecticut) and MA (Masas), in Asia The area carries out on-site audits of disinfection licenses in the above three states. At the same time, through the help of the US cooperative laboratory-IDFL, the agency in the United States has registered in 18 states.

Since 2003, the laboratory has developed 2 standard methods of the International Down Feather Bureau, 3 cooperative developments, 3 verifications, and 1 Chinese national standard method. At the same time, it undertakes 7 research projects. Among them, there are 5 scientific research projects of the provincial bureau, 1 project of the General Administration, and 1 provincial government project. Published 6 papers in various magazines.

The laboratory can actively carry out technical exchanges and cooperation with foreign counterparts in order to obtain the latest domestic and foreign feather velvet detection technical materials in real time, and ensure that the technical level of the laboratory is kept in sync with the international advanced level. The lab sends staff to the International Feather and Feather Bureau (IDFB) annual meeting and technical committee meeting twice a year. It is the most active Chinese representative at the International Down Feather Bureau meeting. In 2000, the laboratory established a partnership with the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL), the most authoritative down testing institution in the world. The two parties confirmed that the other party is the only partner in the other country.

The laboratory has now become the world's number one in the domestic inspection level authority and testing business volume. The laboratory is a member of the International Feather and Feather Bureau (IDFB) accredited laboratory and technical committee, the national key quality down feather testing laboratory of the AQSIQ, the secretariat of the National Down and Products Standardization Technical Committee under preparation, and the China Conformity Assessment Country. Accredited Laboratory Accreditation Board (CNAS) ISO17025 accredited laboratory and metrology accredited laboratory, China Down and Feather Industry Association "down products reputation assurance mark" third-party quality evaluation agency and China Food, Soil, Livestock and Import and Export Chamber of Commerce down feather branch "F&D listing" Third-party quality evaluation agency. In the feather industry both at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation.

Name Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Feather Cashmere Testing Laboratory

Address No. 118, Tonghui Middle Road

Phone contact mobile number

Zip code 311208

Administrative Area Code 330109

Contact Wang Huaxiong

Registered capital

Date of establishment November 12, 1999

Website http://hangzhou075448.11467.com

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