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International Down Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL)

2014-05-17     来源:中国羽绒金网     浏览量:41278

The International Down & Feather Laboratory (IDFL) provides worldwide feather down testing, consulting, training and research. It is one of the main members of the International Down Feather Bureau. And it is the authority of international down feather detection and research. IDFL is located at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Salt Lake City is the host city of the 2002 Winter Olympics and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The annual meeting of the Outdoor Retail Association is held here, which allows IDFL to maintain close contact with many manufacturers of down feather products.

In 1978, Wilford Lieber, Sr. and his wife, Mary Jean, founded IDFL. Wilford Lieber, Sr. has served as Director of the Utah Department of Agriculture Laboratory since 1952 and is also Chairman of ABFLO. In the late 1970s, he began to notice the uneven quality of feathers and feathers that poured into the state at the time, and found that their quality was getting worse. He realized that businesses need an independent testing lab that they can trust. So he set out to study the possibility of establishing such a laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah. His proposal immediately received strong response from the down industry. In 1978, the International Down Feather Laboratory was formally established. Wilford then began researching and drafting test methods, which are now the standard for the down industry. His test methods have been adopted by many official institutions in the world such as ASTM, ADA, ABFLO, AAMA, and IDFB.

1986, Wilford Lieber, Jr. Start working in IDFL. He has an MBA background and has long experience in quality assurance work. Now, Wilford Jr. is the general manager of IDFL and Wilford Sr. is the chairman. 2003 is the 25th anniversary of IDFL. IDFL is an IDFB-certified, DPSC-qualified laboratory, a member of IDFB, ADFS, ASTM, CFDIA, and EDFA. IDFL Europe is an associate member of the European Feather and Feather Association (EDFA).

IDFL has more than 40 qualified analysts who come from a background that doesn't ask, and they all hold certificates to accurately detect down feathers. IDFL has tested more than 65,000 samples from more than 700 companies in 45 countries and has offices in Europe and China. All three laboratories are qualified to provide services to the down feather industry worldwide, including: species identification, fluff resistance testing, fluffiness testing, content determination, gas permeability determination, fat content determination, oxygen consumption index determination, turbidity determination, Determination of net filling amount, etc.

IDFL also offers the following services:

- Training

- US registration and disinfection permit

- Consulting services for tagged labels in the US and Europe

In order to develop and maintain a reputation in the testing field, IDFL has followed the following guidelines:

- 3-6 months of training for analysts

- Two tests per sample

-- Emphasis on accuracy rather than speed

——General instrument calibration

-- International Laboratory Quality Assurance Project

- Participate in the cycle test activities

IDFL has many years of cooperation and deep friendship with China Down Industry Association. Mr.wilford K Lieber hosts the daily work. In 2000, IDFL signed an agreement with the Feather Cashmere Testing Laboratory of Zhejiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The two parties confirmed each other as the sole partner in the other country to carry out the testing of feather down samples, technical research and exchanges and help China (Asia). Cooperation between companies applying for US disinfection licenses and business registration certificates is currently well-cooperative.

IDFL officially joined the China Down Industry Association in November 2002 and became an honorary member of the China Down Industry Association.

Website: http://www.idfl.com

International Down Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL):

1455 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84105 USA

Phone: (1)-801-467-7611

Fax: (1)-801-467-7711

E-mail: wilf@idfl.com

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